Why I Can’t Work at Gamestop Anymore


So, yesterday was my last day at Gamestop. Originally I was going to go out without celebration but after almost two decades of on again off again with the company I had a particularly horrible final day and am ready to just drop a list of reasons why I can’t work with the company anymore. There’s a part of me that’s like, “no, don’t, what if you lose your job and Gamestop is the only place?” But honestly, the company doesn’t look at individual people nor even care about the feelings of their employees so I’m not that concerned. Continue reading

Suddenly I’m the Hero of Haarlem

This are just falling apart around me. I can’t lie. It’s hard.

I’m not sure even where to begin this blog but I want to put this blog out there.

My health is going nuts. My head is insane. I can’t focus. I’ll know exactly what needs to be done and then immediately forget it. At the Fourth of July picnic me, my wife, and my kid went to, I threw away a bag of tupperware, buns and baby stuff just because there was a piece of trash in it and I assumed the entire bag was trash. Continue reading

Another Work Blog

Five thirty in the morning. I leave my house. It’s late March but you couldn’t tell from the seventeen degree air outside. The sky looks almost non-existent. Dark with no visible stars. The only light is from the parking lamp which reflects off the frost over my windshield.
Continue reading

Prosaic Description of a Prosaic Workplace

I sit, my tiny veal pen of a cubicle holding me tight like a straight jacket covered in knick-knacks.

I look out the window, it is jet black outside. The sun not due for a while.

The darkness outside turns the window into a mirror, reflecting the whole of the work floor in front of me. It creates a never ending sea of cubicles and darkness. Continue reading