Why I Can’t Work at Gamestop Anymore


So, yesterday was my last day at Gamestop. Originally I was going to go out without celebration but after almost two decades of on again off again with the company I had a particularly horrible final day and am ready to just drop a list of reasons why I can’t work with the company anymore. There’s a part of me that’s like, “no, don’t, what if you lose your job and Gamestop is the only place?” But honestly, the company doesn’t look at individual people nor even care about the feelings of their employees so I’m not that concerned. Continue reading

Memories of a Young Gamer

I was in a Gamestop today, finishing my shift and looking over the walls of games, making sure everything was how they should be before my shift ended. As I looked over the games some memory, long dusty in the back of my mind came to the forefront and surprised me. It was the memories of gaming when I was younger. Continue reading

10 Things I’d Love to See in a Mario Maker Update

OK, so I know this has been done to death and there’s a million of these but they’re not the things I want and I’m self important enough to want to issue these to the world so, I don’t know, deal.

Anywho, with Mario Maker getting updated there’s always room for more things to be added and I had a couple of ideas. These are in no particular order. Continue reading