The Co-Sleep Conundrum

Hi there! For those who aren’t aware, I’m a father. I bring that up because it’s going to be a little disorientating reading something about this on the internet that doesn’t directly address “mommy”. I’m a dad. So strap in. But don’t worry, ladies, this is for you too.

A lot of people, recently, have been talking to me about the fact that me and my wife co-sleep with our two kids. Not really sure why this has become a thing of fascination but I’m more than happy to explain and talk about it. Continue reading

Closing Time in Ohio

If you know me, like, really know me, one of the first things you learn about me is that I want out of Ohio. I do. Ohio is a place of infinite potential but with said potential locked away under layers of stupidity.

I keep telling myself I need to get out. “As soon as I finish school,” I tell myself. And I mean it, I’m going to start looking when I graduate. I have a couple different states I’m looking into.

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The Last of the Old Guard

I was taking a nap today with my son. Was nice, a little long but we were both warn out and we both tend to take pretty strong naps when we lay next to each other. When I woke up I just felt really odd. Rested but odd. My brain had been stretched pretty damn thin lately and if felt like something else was just resting on that frayed cable that was once my sanity. As I often do when I just get up, I checked my laptop and saw I had a message from my mom.

I know, I’m in the future also. Continue reading

I Sort of Hate The Internet Right Now

So, recently someone who writes at the same place I write posted a GoFundMe. Up until now, I had never seen GoFundMe. But, it’s a place where, if you’re trying to get something done, you ask for financial help. Not for projects really, but more for people really down on their luck.

And he kinda is. Continue reading

Trying to Find a Balance

Dusts off the blog. Hey there!

Sorry it’s been a bit but things have been hectic. My kid is almost nine months old, I’m just finishing my first month of college and I’m writing for a website. Life is sort of everywhere right now, which is surprisingly for an unemployed person to say. Continue reading

Back to Life, Back to Reality…

There’s been a lull in my blogs, my apologies.  My job let me go in a fashion that, luckily, according to the state of Ohio and the unemployment office, was unjust, but I’ve been readjusting to it and…thusly, no blogs.

But that was the 7th of April.  Now it’s the 30th and only a few hours until May.  I’ve been unemployed all this time.  But I got a call today from a job, a job that frankly surprised me by contacting me back and, I’ll be honest, I almost wish they wouldn’t have. Continue reading