Suddenly I’m the Hero of Haarlem

This are just falling apart around me. I can’t lie. It’s hard.

I’m not sure even where to begin this blog but I want to put this blog out there.

My health is going nuts. My head is insane. I can’t focus. I’ll know exactly what needs to be done and then immediately forget it. At the Fourth of July picnic me, my wife, and my kid went to, I threw away a bag of tupperware, buns and baby stuff just because there was a piece of trash in it and I assumed the entire bag was trash. Continue reading

Back to Life, Back to Reality…

There’s been a lull in my blogs, my apologies.  My job let me go in a fashion that, luckily, according to the state of Ohio and the unemployment office, was unjust, but I’ve been readjusting to it and…thusly, no blogs.

But that was the 7th of April.  Now it’s the 30th and only a few hours until May.  I’ve been unemployed all this time.  But I got a call today from a job, a job that frankly surprised me by contacting me back and, I’ll be honest, I almost wish they wouldn’t have. Continue reading

Another Work Blog

Five thirty in the morning. I leave my house. It’s late March but you couldn’t tell from the seventeen degree air outside. The sky looks almost non-existent. Dark with no visible stars. The only light is from the parking lamp which reflects off the frost over my windshield.
Continue reading