Oh, the Places We Can’t Go


My two-year-old, Damian, has been having issues lately. And normally I can fix a lot of things for him. If he’s thirsty, I can get him water. If he wants to understand how something works, I can explain it to him. I can give him answers when he’s confused, I can physically carry him over obstacles he can’t traverse, I can protect him from the dangers of the world. But he’s got a problem now and I can’t protect him from it and it’s driving me up a wall. Nightmares. Continue reading

Warning: May Exceed Daily Friendship Dosage

Hi! My name’s Eric. You may know me from the internet. I’m here today to talk to you about something important. Something that’s been making people angry as of late.

Of course, I’m talking about me.

See, I have a problem. Sometimes, when I make a friend, I make a GOOD friend. To turn back the clock and speak as a child, we’d call it a best friend. To turn back our brains and speak as an internet tween, we’d call it a “bestie”. Continue reading