The Co-Sleep Conundrum

Hi there! For those who aren’t aware, I’m a father. I bring that up because it’s going to be a little disorientating reading something about this on the internet that doesn’t directly address “mommy”. I’m a dad. So strap in. But don’t worry, ladies, this is for you too.

A lot of people, recently, have been talking to me about the fact that me and my wife co-sleep with our two kids. Not really sure why this has become a thing of fascination but I’m more than happy to explain and talk about it. Continue reading

Oh, the Places We Can’t Go


My two-year-old, Damian, has been having issues lately. And normally I can fix a lot of things for him. If he’s thirsty, I can get him water. If he wants to understand how something works, I can explain it to him. I can give him answers when he’s confused, I can physically carry him over obstacles he can’t traverse, I can protect him from the dangers of the world. But he’s got a problem now and I can’t protect him from it and it’s driving me up a wall. Nightmares. Continue reading

Pandering to the Crowds

This is going to be an incredibly short post and, honestly, I am already aware it’s a faus pas but I wanted to post this.

I have a child, I have a job, I have school. My mind is everywhere and, honestly, I’m having the hardest time thinking of blog things to write about.

What do you, the reader, want me to write about? Throw things at me. Current topics, silly things, dumb questions. I don’t care. Throw them at me. Go.

What’s He Really REALLY Thinking?

My wife was recently at the doctor’s and, as always, they give out magazines en masse. Most of the time these are the kind of thing that we feed directly to our trash can overlord but, for some reason, my wife cracked open one of them and found an “article” she wanted to show me. The magazine is called Countdown and it contained an article called The Last Word: What’s He Really Thinking? written by an unnamed author (possibly to save her the embarrassment of having this snapped to her name. Continue reading

My Son, Surgery and a Circus Tent of Anxiety

Today was, easily, my least favorite day of the year.  Which is saying something as this year has been crazy with events, few good.  But today I had to take my son in to get surgery. Continue reading