The Co-Sleep Conundrum

Hi there! For those who aren’t aware, I’m a father. I bring that up because it’s going to be a little disorientating reading something about this on the internet that doesn’t directly address “mommy”. I’m a dad. So strap in. But don’t worry, ladies, this is for you too.

A lot of people, recently, have been talking to me about the fact that me and my wife co-sleep with our two kids. Not really sure why this has become a thing of fascination but I’m more than happy to explain and talk about it. Continue reading

What’s He Really REALLY Thinking?

My wife was recently at the doctor’s and, as always, they give out magazines en masse. Most of the time these are the kind of thing that we feed directly to our trash can overlord but, for some reason, my wife cracked open one of them and found an “article” she wanted to show me. The magazine is called Countdown and it contained an article called The Last Word: What’s He Really Thinking? written by an unnamed author (possibly to save her the embarrassment of having this snapped to her name. Continue reading

My Baby the Adult, Versus Adults Whom are Babies

I had an interesting day today.  I encountered something normally reserved for silly commenters on websites and people who make ignorant Facebook posts.  While me, my wife and my son where with a group of people, someone was suggesting to us that we should donate our baby clothes that my son outgrew to get it out of the way.  I explained to her that we were holding on to his baby clothes in case we had a second child.

She got this confused look on her face, “but what if you had a girl?” Continue reading

A Welcome Departure (Part 2)

If you couldn’t tell, this is part two of a two part strange departure from my normal writing, meaning it’s fairly happy and I talk about happy things that happened over the course of two days.  Part one can be found here: (Part 2)

THURSDAY: Continue reading

A Welcome Departure (Part 1)

So, I’ve been having a pretty good last couple of days.  Before you check the address bar, yes, this is still my blog, you haven’t gone elsewhere.  I have good days too.  And I figured I’d talk about them.  In fact, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to go over my last two days in my normal, overly dramatic, prose like fashion I’ve forged from reading too many narrative heavy fiction paperbacks.


Continue reading

The Spine to be a Father

I told myself the other day that I was done blogging, but, this is a night for surprise twists so I figured one of them should at least be to maintain my outlet.

Someone said something to me today that made me realize something I never even thought about when it comes to my child.  I’m not going to be a good father.  That probably sounds super egotistical to say I never had that thought but, I’ll be honest, I really didn’t have that thought till today. Continue reading