Entering The Wastelands

Today I had, what I earlier called, a “mental multi-car pileup”. I was having a rough day. We had lost power the night before due to a storm and because of that my two-year-old was up most of the night which meant I was up most of the night. To my surprise today, when I put him down for a nap it took me two hours. Not to get him down for a nap but to, instead, admit defeat letting him come back down stairs so he could sit on the couch, draw on his doodlepad and give me this smile that says, “you lost, old man.” Continue reading

Memories of a Young Gamer

I was in a Gamestop today, finishing my shift and looking over the walls of games, making sure everything was how they should be before my shift ended. As I looked over the games some memory, long dusty in the back of my mind came to the forefront and surprised me. It was the memories of gaming when I was younger. Continue reading

The Scorn of Gamestop Employees

So, I don’t know if people are aware of this or not but I’ve worked on and off at Gamestop’s since the 90’s. I’ve always enjoyed the company and, honestly, it’s a fun job.

Sadly, over time, there’s been this stupid trend in gamers that has been a thorn in my side for years now and it’s getting worse the dumber people get and it came to a head today when I saw someone on my Facebook timeline post this: Continue reading

The Curious Tale of the DC Movie-verse

So, if you have a good enough internet where you can both access and read my blog than you more than likely know that the new Suicide Squad trailer came out. A good sign of this is that half the internet is either gushin’ or fussin’ about it. I have some thoughts. Enough to warrant a blog so strap in. We’re gonna be here for a minute. Continue reading

Little on the Oregon Militia

I’m going to admit, the situation with the Oregon Militia is really starting to worry me. Before you read, know that this article isn’t going anywhere, it’s just me venting and expressing fear over an incredibly stupid situation.

Now, let me make this clear. The Oregon Militia does not scare me. At all. I think they’re one of the biggest jokes to ever enter this country uninvited. In fact, so far, the only person they managed to kill with their guns is one of their own. And, I’ll completely admit, the fact that one of them died fighting over a gun with another one is beyond Stormtrooper level incompetence and sort of hilarious.

Continue reading