Vehicle sold separately.

Vehicle sold separately.

Eric is a man who, despite is best intentions, currently resides in Ohio.  Hopefully that’ll change but, to quote the brilliant Maria Bamford, “I believe in God. I just believe God is a 13-story tall wizard who lives in a dark mountain and never lets me win!”

Eric lives with his incredible wife and his amazing son.  Both of whom have names.

Eric enjoys video games (as long as they’re not Call of Duty-esque shooters as he is already confident in his sexuality and has nothing to prove), comic books (despite DC’s constant efforts to turn the genre into a wasteland, and the occasional woodburning (but god help me if I ever think a blog about that would be interesting).

Eric’s goals are to, eventually, go into writing.  He has several books started but not finished and at least a half a dozen scripts in the works.

Eric also likes to type his name a lot.


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