Can We Give Halloween Back to the Kids Please?

When I was growing up, I loved Halloween. I’d get in my costume and I’d exhaust myself walking block after block collecting candy. Sometimes we’d go to my grandma’s neighborhood and collect candy there so she had an excuse to see all the grandkids dressed up. It was a fun time. The streets, no matter what street, were filled with Trick or Treaters and it was a thing where if it was Halloween your options were either you buy some big bags of candy or your cheap ass cuts the porch light so kids don’t waste time knocking on your door.

Now…now things are a bit different.

I live in the same town I grew up in. I’m so close to my childhood home that I still occasionally drive by hissing at them because they tore down the bushes that were trimmed to look like a castle wall and replaced them with those silly country fences that seem to just collapse into the ground at the end. Good luck keeping the enemy out with those, asshole.


Halloween. Every Halloween I buy a bag of candy and every year, at the end of the day, I have a bag of candy. I have not seen a Trick of Treater in years. Not one.

And sure, they have events at malls and what not where you can bring your kids but what about the best part? The streets being filled with ghosts, robots, princesses, ninjas and all the other things. It was amazing.

But no more.

And I know a lot of people blame this or that but I really have a theory. I’ve worked a lot of bars in my life. A lot. Too many. And every Halloween, the bar is filled for hours with desperate ass adults in costume.

I’m not here to dog adults that like Halloween. I like Halloween. I like costumes. But I know a LOT of people with kids who plan on getting sitters and going out to bars and clubs for Halloween.

I’ve SEEN a lot of people with kids doing that at the bars I used to work at.

I honestly believe that adults have straight up destroyed Halloween for kids. It’s all for adults now. Haunted houses that provide incredibly realistic torture rooms and ILM level special effects and things like that. Things that would straight up traumatize a kid if you took them to it.

I don’t know. Am I losing my mind or does it genuinely feel like we took their toy away?



One thought on “Can We Give Halloween Back to the Kids Please?

  1. I see tons of kids coming to my house, but then again it’s Lakewood which one of Cleveland’s most densely packed suburbs.

    Trick-or-treating is from like 6pm to 8pm. Parents going out that early? Still, leaving kids to go out on Halloween is cold man.

    But yeah, I go out on Halloween, and some places suck. I thought 16-bit Bar and Arcade’s costume contest would be good because they would appreciate nerdy costumes or cosplay stuff because old school video games, right? Not at all.

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