Why I Can’t Work at Gamestop Anymore


So, yesterday was my last day at Gamestop. Originally I was going to go out without celebration but after almost two decades of on again off again with the company I had a particularly horrible final day and am ready to just drop a list of reasons why I can’t work with the company anymore. There’s a part of me that’s like, “no, don’t, what if you lose your job and Gamestop is the only place?” But honestly, the company doesn’t look at individual people nor even care about the feelings of their employees so I’m not that concerned.

I remember one day, working at the second last Gamestop I worked at, I made a complaint with the district manager about the fact that I was pulling in great numbers but have never gotten much by way of wage or promotion. He told me, and this is verbatim, “if you don’t like it, quit. We can find someone else who wants to stand around and droll at video games by the end of the day.” That’s the level of shits that are afforded to employees.

But, it’s 2016 and articles need to be lists so here’s a list of the top five reasons. (This is in no particular order)

  1. Cricket Wireless-I swear to fucking god. I can sell things. I can pitch. I can explain my passion for something with such fervor that it practically forced you to empathically be excited for the same thing. But to do this I need to actually believe in what I’m selling. One day, Gamestop became the whipping boy for Cricket Wireless and that went out the fucking window. Cricket Wireless is a cell phone service we sell out of the store and it’s payment plans are all dependent on data caps.

    I’ll just come out and say what I’ve always believed. Data caps are fucking foolish. Data isn’t tangible and, as of this month, it’s actually considered a basic human right.

    And to make matters worse, Gamestop caters to gamers. Many games from Overwatch to The Division to Destiny to anything else that will help this blog show up in searches requires you to be online. So right off the bat, data caps are a massive hindrance for gamers and yet, here’s Gamestop selling a phone that supports the very idea of them, encouraging more companies to cap data. Bleh.

  2. Donations-Hold on. Not like that. I like donations. I was very impressed to find out we were collecting money for tragic shooting. I’m always happy when we take donations for St. Judes. This is not about donations themselves, it’s about people being asked to donate money.

    Because of the amount of business we do, having donations at our work is a huge plus for causes. A quick screen appears and they can either choose to donate or not. We don’t push them either way.

    But some of the people see this and feel like they’re being attacked and then feel they have to defend themselves which leads to some of the dumbest shit ever.

    Me: “It’s going to ask you if you’d like to donate money to Autism Speaks, if so go ahead, if not hit no thanks.”
    Actual line I heard from multiple customers: “They never donated to me.”

    Yes, that’s right asshole. Autistic kids have never donated to you. One, because there’s no charity currently out there to help support narrow minded assholes by sending them to school. Secondly, because you don’t fucking need it and they do you goddamn monster. I had to encounter people being shitty about charitable causes all day.

  3. Dress Code-When I started at Gamestop you came in, through on a lanyard and, as long as your shirt didn’t have anything stupid on it and your clothing was clean you were, as the kids say, GTG.

    Now there’s a dress code. I have to wear the same things to Gamestop that I used to have to wear to the office. The employees look less like they’re going to sell you video games and more like they’re going to sell you a used car.

    I remember being told that I could wear a shirt as long as it’s relevant to a game that’s popular so I wore a shirt from Fire Emblem because Fire Emblem Awakening was still super popular and Fire Emblem Fates had just dropped. I was told that the shirt was too obscure and not to wear it again. Remember that the Fire Emblem amiibos are the hardest collection to complete.

  4. The Ass Kissing-We do so many weird things now to customers. We let them walk all over us. Back in the day you can put your foot down and not let customers be monsters. Now? Not so much.

    For example, on my last day, three minutes to close this customer came in with his daughter. Right off the bat, I’m not allowed to tell him we close at nine. I just had to make sure when I talked to my coworker I mentioned it loudly enough where the customer could get a hint.

    The customer was in our store till around 9:20 and never got a goddamn thing. He stays and got to watch the entirety of that thing that plays on Gamestop TV after the stores close that tells you about our marketing and sales plans.

    When I first started, when we closed? We goddamn closed if the customers weren’t getting anything.

    Same thing with trades. We used to be really discriminating about trades. But now, someone comes in with about 20 games, all with Redbox stickers and wants cash? Sure dude. I know you were in here  with this game last week as well but fuck it I can’t say shit.

  5. Parents-I have many more reasons why I can’t do it anymore but I’ll end the list with this. Parents. I see so many awful parents come into our store and, as a parent, it horrifies me to see the majority of children that enter the place.

    The most common ones are the ones that pull up in front of our store, let their kids out, and drive away. I’ve have 6-7 year olds walk around for hours in our store only because mommy was going to the bar or some shit. Listen, I don’t know who the kids parents are. A guy could literally walk in, pick up the child, and leave and I’d just say “have a good night” because I wouldn’t know that’s not the parent.

    Then there’s the parents who straight up let their kids do anything. They’ll sit by the window while their little ones walk around and tear tags off shit or open boxes. But we can’t really say anything because jesus fucking christ we’re supposed to treat our customers like highly sensitive glass surrounded by fucking tissue paper.

    And finally, the abusers. Mental ones like the parents who tell their kids things like:
    -“Dad can’t see the game now and that’s why you’re not getting anything, because you took to long and if my day’s going to be ruined so are yours.”
    -“I don’t want you to get that game because it’ll turn you into a faggot or something. Where’s a hunting game?”
    -“Maybe if you weren’t so stupid you’d have more money.”
    -“You know, if you wouldn’t throw temper tantrums all the time, your mom would probably still be with us.”
    All of these are actual things I’ve over heard and there is so much more.

    And there’s also physical abusers. People who yank their kids by the arm, by the ear, by the hair. People who’ve knocked their kids over to prove they were “in the way”. And I’ve seen kids straight up slapped and punched. And again, I can’t do shit because our customers are precious goddamn flowers.


There’s many other things I can add to my list but honestly this is plenty. I loved the people I worked with. I made some great friends working at Gamestop but damn I don’t love the company. Not anymore. Also we give $35 for an original NES in box with light gun, pad and game and that’s fucking unforgivable.



2 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Work at Gamestop Anymore

  1. Gamestop has more issues than just this. Bravo fuck cricket…no training and expect the sales associate be a grade A fucking cell phone salesman

    • I mean, I said multiple times that this is just the top 5. But yeah, I could sell the shit out of this if I wanted to but the problem was I didn’t want to. I felt awful trying to tell it.

      Like, Cricket is just a subsidary of AT&T but just distant enough so that they can fail hard with it and not worry about the blow to their character. Plus datacaps. Fuck data caps forever.

      I’m assuming you work at one?

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