A Short Message Before I Don’t Die

About two nights ago I wrote a blog about trade-ins at my job. I know, I’m yawning too. Basically a little ditty about the little kids on the internet that don’t understand how trades work and deciding that their games are worth more than a human life with a stupid “joke” meme.

A friend of mine shared it and for reasons that even baffled her the blog took off. Easily my most popular blog ever it cleared over a thousand reads day one and two-thousand the next.

If you look at the comments, you’ll see that a lot of the people who comment are mostly former or current Gamestop employees who have been there. It’s sort of a neat thing seeing other people sharing the same frustration.

There’s a weird ass side of it you’re NOT seeing, however. See, I moderate my comments heavily to the point where everything said on my site has to be approved by me and, since it’s my blog and I have full control, honestly? I don’t suffer fools.

Long story short, there’s a few comments you didn’t see. Well, more “blind hate” than comments really. And I say “blind hate” because a lot of the people who commented didn’t actually read the blog. They were claiming I wanted someone to run in and “Rambo” the robber. Which, of course I don’t want that. My complaint was that no one bother to call the police. Different thing entirely.

The big one though is that I had a lot of people saying simple comments like “go die” and “I hope you’re the next Gamestop employee to get a gun drawn on them.” Which, ironically, completely proves my point of people putting human lives lower in scale than a used video game. So, thanks?

Anyways, since there’s a lot of people currently viewing my site I’d just want to make it clear I don’t allow negativity through. At all. To the point where the second I get a wiff your comment is being rude I just trash it. It discourages people who actually read the blog from engaging in actual human conversation. Not your childish, Reddit level, blind hate. Don’t need it. Don’t want it. Won’t have it.

That’s all. Wanted to throw that disclaimer out there. Oh, and to the person who simply commented “too bad, so sad”? Please note that in the context of the blog you made absolutely no sense and I’m assuming you spent as much time reading as you did typing.


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