The Scorn of Gamestop Employees

So, I don’t know if people are aware of this or not but I’ve worked on and off at Gamestop’s since the 90’s. I’ve always enjoyed the company and, honestly, it’s a fun job.

Sadly, over time, there’s been this stupid trend in gamers that has been a thorn in my side for years now and it’s getting worse the dumber people get and it came to a head today when I saw someone on my Facebook timeline post this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.54.53 AM.png

Now. Another thing you may not know about me is that the store I’m currently working in was robbed at gun point recently. I wasn’t the one working but the poor dude that was working was not only by himself but the entire time this happened no one walking by did a damn thing and, I’d love to point out, the likelihood of no one coming to the door during the entire time this whole mess went down is super unlikely.

So, I’m going to take a minute and explain something with you people that think the whole “trade value” thing is the worst thing in the world. A couple things. You know what? Let’s do a list. Here we go, in no particular order.

  1. You’re not being forced to accept the trade amount. If you’re told a trade amount and you don’t like it you don’t have to take it. If you think your copy of Destiny is really worth as much you think it is, put it on Craiglist, Ebay, or go anywhere else. You’re not in a goddamn contract. So if you bring your game into the store and found out that your game trades in for almost nothing, keep the game.
  2. The trade value is based off supply. You spent $30 on Destiny and it only trades in for $1.50? Are we trying to rob you? No. Grand Theft Auto V traded in for $30 last week. So why is Destiny $1.50? Well you know that thing where you got bored of an incredibly lack luster MMO experience that Bungie pulled out of their asses? So did thousands of other people. And they all traded their games in before you. Every Gamestop has so many copies of Destiny used we could probably build a secondary store out of them. So no, you’re not going to get a huge sum back for that game because we have a ton.
  3. Yearly regular releases aren’t going to get you a damned thing. Did you pick up NBA 2K16 and decide “well I don’t need 2K15 if I got the new one”. Did you pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops III and realize you’ll never touch Black Ops II again? Yeah. You and thousands of other games. So if you’re not some of the first to trade the new game in you’re not going to get anything.

See kids, here’s the thing. I could post a picture of the receipt if you really feel you need it but I did a trade today. I traded in some PS3 games I didn’t want. I had enough money to buy Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam with enough left over to fully pay off Fire Emblem Fates: Awakening, Project X Zone 2, and put $20-some on the new Mirror’s Edge. If you don’t want to figure that out in your head, that’s almost $140 in trade credit.

Why do I mention that? Because not all trades are garbage. Some games have worth, but some are Call of Duty. Just because you spent a lot of money doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot back and you freaking out is just this weird entitlement that gamers have been getting so frequently I almost missed the days where I’d get my ass kicked if someone say my Nintendo Power sticking out of my bookbag.

So, long story short, cool your tits. It’s a business and one that is a slave to supply and demand. Of course certain games are going to trade in for a little bit, not everything is valuable. Of course the game is going to be resold at a higher value because that’s how businesses operate. But this mess where it’s escalating to people making jokes about retail employees dying because you weren’t happy with your trade value and were too lazy to take it anywhere else? Well, you know that thing where you’re not happy about the value of your used games? I’m pissed at you for the same reason, except I’m not happy about the value you’re putting on human lives.


17 thoughts on “The Scorn of Gamestop Employees

  1. Not to mention depreciation. I love having this argument with the gamers that talk trash about Gamestop trade in values. The example I use is cars. If you buy a brand new car and 30 days later decide you don’t like it, but you’ve used it, do you think the dealership is going to give you all of your money back? Hell no. And of course the supply/demand thing you mentioned. When I worked at Gamestop…soooo….many….copies of Madden. Ugh.

  2. There’s also this quite awesome thing on the game stop app that allows gamers to get a trade in value before they even bring their games into the store. I find myself using it more and more often to see if it’s even worth trading in my games or not. Saves me the trip to the store if my trade in value are lower. Also people who want more bang for their trades should trade them when game spot does the 50% more trade credit deals.

  3. Not to mention the fact that many people would come in trying to trade in games that are 10+ years old. IF (key word IF) Gamestop even takes them in, they’re not going to be worth much. What people don’t get is that like everything else, video games tend to follow trends. And yes I used to work at Gamestop as well. And speaking of which, that comment about not doing anything when you see the store being robbed really pissed me off on a more personal level since I was robbed while working, an let me tell you; it’s terrifying.

  4. Article of truth right there. I worked for EB Games, and continued through the Gamestop buyout (which, btw, EB was always more successful, Gamestop was failing and the only reason Gamestop was able to buy out EB was that Barnes and Noble is the parent company of gamestop). I transferred store from an in town EB to an in mall EBX the next couple of towns over, wasn’t too bad. I did a week at a Gamestop between those stores though because they needed someone to cover the store because they had no manager.

    This store was such a high theft store, I literally had to call the cops three times in that one week. The day after I left for the week, they got robbed.

    It’s not funny, and we’ve heard of the employees getting tied up while people ransacked stores and the like.

    It ultimately comes down to business practice. Gamestop itself doesn’t care about it’s employees. During my time with EB, I NEVER closed by myself. It was considered a safety risk. Once Gamestop took over, you never had two closers unless it was the week of a big release or something like that, and even then you had to sacrifice hours during the days of the week while making the schedule to make it work.

    Gamestop employees are not the devil. They hate seeing the trade in prices just as much as the customer hates hearing them, but everything that man said in the article is 100% truth.

    • I’m sorry to see this, and I don’t know about other districts, but our whole district (Alaska) doesn’t let anyone alone for more than 30 minutes and definitely not anyone in the closing shift. And after close no one is supposed to walk to their car alone. We haven’t been robbed, but some female employees, including myself, have had some pretty creepy stalker type people.

      • That’s pretty lucky. I know sometimes, especially at open, there might be an employee working by themselves for the first two/three hours of the day by themselves. It sucks but they don’t always give us enough hours, you know?

      • That’s a fair point. And I think sometimes our store runs like that, but we prefer not to. Or someone will be alone the hour we’re closed.

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