10 Things I’d Love to See in a Mario Maker Update

OK, so I know this has been done to death and there’s a million of these but they’re not the things I want and I’m self important enough to want to issue these to the world so, I don’t know, deal.

Anywho, with Mario Maker getting updated there’s always room for more things to be added and I had a couple of ideas. These are in no particular order.

10) Permanent Power-Ups.

There are stage ideas that I have that can only work as long as some ding-dong doesn’t get injured and lose their power-up. But also, you remember the first Mario game for the original Game Boy? They had this great power-up. Instead of a fireball it was a bounce ball. And that bounce ball shot out at a 45 degree angle and just ricocheted around everything. Imagine building puzzles that required you to bounce that thing somewhere with a creative bank shot.

09) New characters with new abilities.

Imagine how the game would open up if I could design stages based around SMB2’s hovering Peach or Rosalina from the last 3D World game with her awesome double jump? Having characters that play differently could open up all sorts of new game design ideas. Even if it’s Yoshi and his weird little wiggle hover.

08) More power-ups.

I know this has been sad a million times but man. The Mario franchise has had some amazing power-ups and there’s several that could really open the game up more. Not just things like the Hammer Brother suit, but imagine a stage where you need to use the statue feature of the Tanooki suit in order to survive an unavoidable attack with the right timing. Or a stage that requires the agility of the Frog Suit to get through a tight underwater maze. Or hell, the platforming possibilities you can achieve with the new Cat Suit.

07) Things that appear via trigger.

Have you played a stage in Mario Maker where you drop into a room with Bowser Jr. and just skip fighting him to get to the door? This game doesn’t force you to stop and fight bosses and that’s a shame. I’d love to be able to make it so that a door doesn’t appear until a particular enemy has been defeated. And while we’re on the topic of bosses.

06) More bosses.

Honestly, I could give a solid damn about Bowser Jr., give me the option to drop any of the cousins into the game, each with their own abilities. Give me Boom Boom. I’m really tired of just seeing Bowser and his kid over and over.

05) Steal Little Big Planet’s filter system.

Little Big Planet has this thing in it’s created stage dingus where, whenever you beat a stage, you can choose from a ton of preset tags. I think you can add three if I recall. Then, when you do something like 100-Mario Mode you can choose tags you don’t want to see. For example, maybe I hate “Don’t Move” stages (because I do). Turning off that tag would rid me of those damnable things.

04) Bring in the American Super Mario Brother’s 2 theme.

OK, I get there’s a lot of technical difficulties here but maybe we can leave out the things like veggies and what not. But I want that look. And I want those enemies. Shyguys, Ninjacks, whatever the fuck those bouncing things were with the pointy noses, Birdo, Mouser. Man, there’s such a huge wealth of enemies there that get no love. Bring them back.

03) Level piece and enemy modification.

Imagine you’re running and you see a line of Thwomps on the ceiling. The last one is off color, that let’s you know it’s been modded. Essentially you don’t know the speed it drops or where the trigger point is. Suddenly you’re on your A-Game. Let us do something like this. If we can adjust the speed and trigger points of things there’s a wealth of options we can do. Stages where we just stand on a slowly moving platform trying to dodge things as our slow train makes it’s way across the bottomless stage.

02) Problem flagging.

Many times I’ve found bugs in other people’s stages. Faults where I get stuck and can’t move. Allow us to post a flag there that only the stage creator can see so they can come in later, read what we found, and possibly fix it without having a permanent message hovering on the stage forever.

01) Let us make worlds.

Imagine if you could design your own map, like in SMB3. An over world. And you can actually line up several stages all leading to a boss castle at the end. You could actually have someone play your stages and immerse yourself in that particular creator’s style. It would be a much better way to show off stages than the current profile mode. Limit it to about 10 stages per creator and have it like a business card in case someone really wanted to try someone’s stages.


2 thoughts on “10 Things I’d Love to See in a Mario Maker Update

  1. I completely agree with you, with the raging success of Splatoon and the constant updates and new content, I wish Nintendo would take the opportunity to do the same or similar for Super Mario Maker. Even if it was one extra tool every week or two weeks, people will continue to create and play levels as they have some refreshing new content to get creative with. Super Mario Maker has some great potential but I don’t think Nintendo is using the momentum surrounding this game to its full advantage which would benefit them and us. A Great Article by the way. I run my own website called Miketendo64.com which covers news, reviews and personal views on all things Nintendo. I hope we can collaborate sometime and share posts. Keep up the good work!

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