Need Something to Read? Try “Koko Be Good”.

I meant to do more of these “Need Something to Read” blogs but honestly I just slacked on it but recently I picked a book up from the library that was so fucking good I needed to run on here and type this immediately after finishing book one.


The book is called “Koko Be Good” and, in an attempt to keep things spoiler free I’ll explain it simple. This story involves two characters, Jon and the titular Koko. Both fairly set in their ways, both comfortable in their lives until they meet each other and realize they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing with their lives.

From there it becomes an incredibly touching story about trying to figure out who we are, what we want, and the incredibly floor dropping sensation that comes with having absolutely no answer for either of the first two queries.

KokoHeroThe story has the pacing, fun, and drama of the Scott Pilgrim books, but unlike in those books, these characters don’t get away with punching their way out of difficult situations. In fact, these characters don’t often win. They lose. They lose hard. And from that they gain incredible perspective on their lives.

On top of the incredible story and the wonderful dialogue, Jen Wang shows off that she’s not only an incredibly talented writer, but an incredibly talented artist as well as the art looks somewhere like a beautiful portmanteau of manga and Pixar.

I fell in love with this book instantaneously and, honestly, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this book. Give it a read.


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