50 Shades of Spider-Man


Recently, there has been a ton of talk about Spider-Man being portrayed by a white actor in the new Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War” and I wanted to weigh in on it. Especially after WIRED decided to go after Marvel on their choice. I’m assuming the internet is short on opinions so I wanted to throw mine into the pile.

I’m going to start this off by saying that I’m aware that Marvel currently has a black Spider-Man. I know this because I love the character. I think it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve been genuinely interested in the character. I mean, Peter Parker got to this point where even seasoned writers couldn’t make him interesting without making him an animal totem or forcing him to make weird deals with the devil.

I’m aware and I love the character.

Here’s the issue though. While I am all for Spider-Man being cast by a black actor, this is NOT the film to do it. The Civil War story line is a story line that can only work if the audience is painfully familiar with the characters. And while at the helm of the story, it’s Captain America and Iron Man, the character who felt the most during all this was Spider-Man. Peter Parker was (spoilers) brought on to Iron Man’s side of the war where he was wined and dined and given a neat fancy suit. He brought his Aunt May and wife to stay with him in the fancy Stark Tower and slowly, over time, realized that he was on the wrong side (to him, personally) and potentially put his family in a state of great risk to switch to Captain America’s side, hiding underground.

This story only really works if the audience (including those movie goers who haven’t read the comics) are familiar with the character on an intimate level and practically everyone, even people who hate comic books, can tell you many of the character qualities of Peter Parker which is why he’s so important to this story.

If you made a movie like Civil War with Miles Morales (the current Spider-Man) you’d have to do a character introduction, build up the character and really make the audience care about him before you could get Civil War started and I need to remind you, the Civil War is complex as all hell. There is really no time for character development in this story line. You need to get in there with characters you know and get the fuck up out.

Also, one of the things I think people are forgetting is that there’s a ton of really awesome black characters that are going to be in Civil War. You’ve got Goliath, War Machine, Falcon, Luke Cage and more. There’s so many amazing non-white characters in the Marvel U and this would be an amazing chance to make that fact shine. But not Spider-Man. For this movie, it NEEDS Peter Parker.

I will point out though. If after the Civil War is over they decide to do a Spider-Man movie introducing Miles Morales, my ass is going to be first in line for a ticket.

Anyways, that’s my two cents. Let me know what you think.


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