Parma Heights being Parma Heights

This is one of those many times when I’m blogging about something that bother’s me and I think “well what was I expecting?” I’ll get to that part later, trust me. But I know. I’m in the future also.

Me, the wife, and my son went to the Parma Heights public pool on opening weekend the other week. It had just reopened and we were excited to hit that place up and get our little guy swimming. Then, we got there.

First thing that happened when we walked in, we saw human feces. No joke. By the bathrooms there was a pile of human feces by a garbage bin left by someone who did not want to wait for a bathroom. I figured, “that shouldn’t be there” and went to the kids who worked there that were hanging up front. I told them about the feces and one of the kids sighed and went, “again! Second time today!” Then he went to go deal with it.

Let’s pause for a second before I continue. Having human feces on the ground is an awful thing. I think we can all agree to that. Because that not only denotes that you live in a place where an adult would poop on the floor, but it also means that a person was in plain sight in a place where at least 12-13 people are working long enough to drop pants and poop on the floor. So that’s a whole mess of problems all in one. Anywho, let’s continue.

The next issue was when my son kept picking up rib bones off the ground. Not human, it’s not that bad there yet but it was pretty damn gross. I complained and was informed that they have a strict “no outside food or drink policy”. Looking around at the people having blatant picnics everywhere I sort of questioned if this kid was aware of what the word “strict” was.

A couple days later, it was really hot and we decided to go back. Our usual thing was supreme nachos and Slushie. We were told that they stopped carrying those. So we asked for a hot dog and we were told they didn’t have any of those either. One of the people behind the desk informed me that, and I quote, “were just a pain in the ass.” Yes, of course it’s a pain in the ass, son. It’s a job.

Then, another day, we went back to take our son to the kiddie pool. Half the things in the kiddie pool weren’t running. We asked what was going on and the kid told us that they were busted. I asked if they were going to be bringing it back on and we were told that he had no idea and if they weren’t open, they were probably just going to tear the stuff down if it didn’t work. Fun.

Then, and yes there is a “then”, we decided to go back up there. But there was a possible storm coming so I wanted to check to see if there was a site of some sort that lets us know the schedule and anything breaking. You know, with it being 2015 I figured they’d have a Facebook or a website or…anything. Nada. So we went there hoping for the best and the weather cleared up! Then we got to the gate and found that it was closed because of a swim meet. Awesome. Worth the walk all the way there.

I kinda had my fill so I looked up the Parma Heights Parks and Recreation department and found the director to be one Thomas Moran, figured I’d address him my concern and see what he had to say.

Apparently he forwarded it to the “Aquatics Director” at the pool who is named “Alison” (I’m assuming that she’s got a name thing like Madonna, Cher or someone like that as she did not give me a last name) who informed me that the poop issue was probably there because the pool had just opened. I guess that’s part of the ground breaking ceremony.
She told me that the outside food and drink issue was because they don’t “check everyone’s bags”. Honestly, I don’t expect them to check customer’s bags. But I would like them to check employee’s eyes because if people are sitting and having a full blown picnic with outside food and drink all over the place it’s pretty blatant. I know I probably sound like a prick but when there’s bones everywhere and sticky juice spilled all over the place attracting bugs I figured they’d be noticed. *shrugs*

And as for the situation with the snack bar? Apparently I’m lying because they have those things (with the exception of the Slushies). So I guess my issue wasn’t with the snack bar it was just the employee telling me that the food that’s apparently there ISN’T there.

Then she went on to tell me about how proud she was of the employees. So that’s fun. I’m kind of curious, any one else from the Parma Heights, OH area dealing with this issue? I know the cities kinda going to hell quick but that was incredibly impressive. Let me know in the comments. Just please, I know this is a new blog post, but please don’t poop here.


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