The Swing Setters

The following is a true story of one of the odder things I’ve encountered in my life. I figured I’d document it mostly because my brain is an arsehole and will not let me retain much anymore. Enjoy.

So, I’m at the playground, walking with my son, watching him scamp about and the whole time there’s this group of kids. The group didn’t really make a lot of sense. It was like four husky kids and then a brother/sister duo wearing these weird brightly colored hats. Like something the Fly Girls would wear on the 90’s show “In Living Color”. (Ask your parents)

Anyways. When we first saw them, one of the husky kids was sitting in the tire swing while the boy in the bright hat stood near by. He pushed the kid on the swing until he was moving in this huge, almost horizontal circle. He was flying and the kid in the bright hat was standing in the center of the ring. Completely unafraid and in full control and understanding of where everything was. It was like watching someone walk through an avalanche at a casual pace while everything just misses him. It was like…bullet time.


Afterwards, the two kids in the hats ran to the swing set. Their husky followers followed. The sister got on a swing and her brother stood on her knees. The girl started swinging back and forth. Hard. They were getting some height. And every time she’d swing forward, the brother would squat down on her lap giving them an extra push.

Eventually, she swung forward and her brother lept off at the height of the swing…by doing a graceful, Assassin’s Creed-esque backflip and landing cleanly in the woodchips. I applauded. It was an option I didn’t know I was being presented with, but I chose it.

Then the two got on their razor scooters and just rode off into the woods. Just gone.

Who the hell? It’s like these two kids are weird circus performers that wonder about and show up to completely own playgrounds. Seriously. I’m fascinated by these two.

I’m not really going anywhere with this, but I wanted to jot down how fucking weird that was before I forget so…there you are.


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