Dreaming to the Center of the Earth

A dream I had last night:

I was laying on the couch in my tiny condo. It was day time. Light was shining in through the windows as the blinds were up. I think I was taking a nap.

Suddenly there was a vibration. The house started to shake a bit. Things fell off the wall, the needles on the little pine we have left over from Christmas scattered everywhere. Then I was hit with this feeling like I was on an elevator going down.

I heard a terrible scraping noise and looked out the window. The ground was rushing up past the window. The condo was sinking into the ground as slowly it got darker and darker.

I went to turn on the lamp but the electricity was cut when the house moves, probably along with the plumbing and gas. I reached for the crappy hand crank flashlight I got for Christmas last year. I shined it out the window and saw that mud was caked over the windows and I could barely see any signs of movement other than just feeling it.

The glass started to crack, then shattered. As the house continued its decent, mud, rock, and dirt filled the living room. I heard cracking from elsewhere in the house. It was coming in from all sides.

I could barely see with the light from the weak flashlight but I knew the condo was filling up. I pushed myself up against the wall in my living room away from the window, close to the center of my home. I slowly saw the mud creep across the floor of the living room as it felt like the house was sinking faster.

It hit me suddenly like a wave. Slamming me against the wall, pinning me and rendering me immovable. I tried climbing up but it was to thick to pry myself out of and too wet to grip. The mud climbed up past my waste. I shined the flashlight around and saw it was coming into the living room from the hall and the kitchen now.

From all windows, above the flow of mud, a brilliant crimson glow started emanating and everything felt hot. The mud that was now pressing against me felt warm and the newer mud that was climbing over it burnt my flesh. Just as I screamed, the mud that was now at my throat climbed up and against my mouth. I turned my head up and looked at the ceiling. The mud was higher than me now but seemed to be forming a tunnel over me, prolonging my fate.

dirty hands

The hot mud crept over the ceiling improbably and started slowly coming down. Toying with me. No more light filled the room, my flashlight long since buried. I felt it rake across my face.

I woke up.


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