My Two Cents on the Celebrity Photo Hack Scandal

So, as most of the internet is aware, recently someone hacked things like iCloud and managed to steal the nude photos of several celebrities, throwing them around on the internet like so much damaging confetti.

And because of the magnitude of how many photos of so many people were released, the internet has gone absolutely insane about this.

The disturbing thing is that many people, mostly those who want to justify looking at the pictures, are not mad at all at the person who hacked these photos, and instead are blaming the celebrities for taking the pictures in the first place.

For example, a common one you’ll see is, “if you don’t want a picture of you naked circulating the internet, you should never take a picture of yourself naked.”

You know what? Fuck you. Seriously.

This country, and I’m using this term lightly, is so fucking stupid it makes me physically ill sometime. The United States of America has got to be one of the worst countries when it comes to over sexualization of women it’s insane.

A little back story. A large portion of my family is from Germany, I’ve been there quite a few times and I’ve experienced a lot of what Germany has to offer. One thing they have in abundance is nudity. It’s in their newspapers, on their television, hell, I ever want to nude water parks and…just nude parks.

Do people go nuts there? Are there people sneaking in with cameras and releasing the images? No. You know why? Because in that country, we’re not so terrified of people being naked that we lose our minds over it.

But over here, we have someone take a picture of themselves naked to share with their husband, some complete idiot hacks iCloud and steals it, and it’s the victim’s fault for being naked? Honestly. If you don’t understand how messed up that mentality is, then there’s nothing I can do for you than pity you for your inevitable trip towards dying alone.

And yes, I called whoever called iCloud an idiot. Hacking is not difficult. Hacking is not clever. Hacking to get things is not smart. Pretend you have a truck. One day you realize that instead of paying for video games, you can just crash your truck through the front window of a Gamestop at night and just steal everything. Does that make the person smart because they figured out a way to use a tool to steal things? No. And that’s exactly what this person did. He just plowed his way into a place and stole things.

And while we’re on the topic, what is up with our selective choices in praise for people who do this? We find out that the government is monitoring our emails, we lose our minds. We find out that Facebook Chat is monitoring our calls, we lose our mind. We find out that some moron somewhere has found a way to steal our most intimate details with the intent of sharing them online for the rest of the drooling dark of the internet and sudden it’s the victim’s fault? Again, fuck you.

And another issue no one seems to be looking at is the story of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, one of the celebs hit during this. Her frustration came from the fact that the pictures the surfaced of her were pictures she deleted a long time ago, which means that iCloud was archiving photos that people wanted rid of. No one seems to be concerned with the fact that our deleted past is just…sitting there…waiting for some virgin with delusions of grandeur and a need for attention to just grab at it.

Watching everything unfold is telling me so much about what is wrong with society. Our slow degradation into a weird medieval mind frame. A world where someone called me a “social justice warrior” the other day only for it to be something I was supposed to take as a negative term despite the fact that it’s exactly what everyone should be striving to be.

Watching all this happen makes me sick. It honestly does. Just because someone is famous and attractive, doesn’t make them ours to do with as we will. They’re human beings. Human beings who want to be able to live their lives and have sexy time with their significant others just the same way we’d like too. Honestly, there’s millions of people out there that should be so fucking ashamed of themselves.

That’s all.


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