I Sort of Hate The Internet Right Now

So, recently someone who writes at the same place I write posted a GoFundMe. Up until now, I had never seen GoFundMe. But, it’s a place where, if you’re trying to get something done, you ask for financial help. Not for projects really, but more for people really down on their luck.

And he kinda is.

A few years ago, he was jumped and beaten pretty badly. The attackers got away and were never caught. Because of this, he had to pay for his medical bills and the bills were about $2000 dollars. Recently the hospitals announced that they were going to take him to court if he doesn’t pay off his debt.

So, he made a GoFundMe (which, if you want to be awesome and help is found here)as this was one of the only solid chances he had to pay it off. I posted it, begged people to share it, even donated a little (unemployed. boo.) and, later that day, begged people to share it again.

Beyond my wife and one friend, no one shared it. Within 30 minutes, people started posting an unrelated link. It was a trending story about how some hipster posted a think on Kickstarter asking for money so he could make potato salad that night.

The guy who made it is incredibly wealth and has many successful business ventures going right now. You know, if you bother to research him. And while the goal was $7 dollars, within the first day he had made over $40,000 dollars.

Meanwhile, my friend who was beaten both physically and financially, got about $200 at the end of day one.

I saw a bunch of people upset over the kid making money over the potato salad an thought it would be a good place to post the fact that my friend needed help.

This morning, I checked my messages to find that while I had responses, the majority of them were jokes about how they’d rather pay for this kid’s potato salad. And one ignorant one, made a long winded comment about how people get beat up all the time and it’s not a big deal. And even went on to say that it’s his fault for not getting medical insurance, assuming that just because the APA exists, everyone can get it.

But I’ve been seeing this more and more. Just this fucking disconnect from any sort of humane thought process on the internet. Even with my own friends. All day I’ll see people post things like, “have this comic writer fired because we don’t like him,” or “this game company is nice to Sony and mean to Microsoft, have them punished!” but when you try to get the word out about what happened to someone, something you’d never want happen to you. They just shrug it off, or worse, make jokes about it and shrug it off like it’s not a big deal.

My wife keeps reminding me it’s just on the internet. And bless her for that because I’m really starting to lose my faith in humanity and at least this helps isolate my faith loss. But, I don’t know, it just makes so little sense to me.

Over the past two years I’ve seen the majority of people going off about net neutrality. They’ll say that they need an open internet because it’s such a useful tool. Is it though? I mean, I have an electric drill in my home. Many would say that it’s a useful tool, but I’ve used it about three times, and only as a screwdriver. Is it that useful when it just sits there, failing to hit it’s potential all year?

That’s what it is with the internet. Yes, it’s incredibly useful. The people in Egypt have shown us that it can be this amazing thing that, if the people work together, in unison, and not be assholes, can actually over throw and change government.

But do we do that here? No. Not at all. We could. But we don’t because it’s more fun to be a smart ass over every single issue we encounter and even easier to adopt an attitude that, because something doesn’t matter to you, it doesn’t matter to anyone.

Why? What happened to us? Comment section. Now. Explain this to me.


One thought on “I Sort of Hate The Internet Right Now

  1. People suck. Its not the internet. Its everywhere. People dont care about people. People care about themselves.
    I shudder to think of how bad it will be when my kids are older. I just try to raise them to kmow that all life is important. All people have value and to just be good human beings.

    The whole potato salad guy ticked me off. There are so many people with gofundme and kickstarter and whatnot that need money. That like your friend,have bills,or are sick and need help,and people are donating to a douche making potato salad. I dont get it. I just dont.

    Just my two cent rant.

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