Back to Life, Back to Reality…

There’s been a lull in my blogs, my apologies.  My job let me go in a fashion that, luckily, according to the state of Ohio and the unemployment office, was unjust, but I’ve been readjusting to it and…thusly, no blogs.

But that was the 7th of April.  Now it’s the 30th and only a few hours until May.  I’ve been unemployed all this time.  But I got a call today from a job, a job that frankly surprised me by contacting me back and, I’ll be honest, I almost wish they wouldn’t have.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know I need to work but…well…I’ve spent the last month with my wife and son.  I know for some people and cliched comics of the 90’s that sounds like a torture sentence but, I loved it.

Here’s the thing about my wife.  I love her so fucking much.  Seriously.  That’s why I married her.  She’s perfect.  We get each others sense of humor, we agree on mostly every social issue, we even finish each other’s sentences*.

(*sandwiches.  Yes Polly, that’s for you.)

And my son is awesome.  Yeah, he’s a newborn and he basically fills a diaper with Clayface every day but that’s because he’s a newborn and you’ll have that.  Beyond that, he’s incredible and watching him take an interest in new things is incredible.  The other day I introduced him to the concept of a spring and velocity and his eyes were so wide it was incredible.

And, as a family, with free time, we’ve done so many amazing things.  We were able to go places as a family, visit people, I went with my wife and son to the baby story time sessions at the library.  All this incredible stuff I normally have to sit out on.

I don’t want to leave it.  I know I have to, I know that’s how the life that mankind has made for itself, is.  But it’s going to be hard.  Wish me luck, kids.


One thought on “Back to Life, Back to Reality…

  1. No matter what happens, you’ll know that you at least spent the last month well and with the people you love the most.

    I can completely relate to you, seeing that for a while, I was unemployed for about 4 months straight. Amidst the confusion and sulking that I didn’t have a job during that time, I was able to strengthen my relationship as well. If anything, it did the same for you.

    I hope everything works out, no matter the turnout.

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