My Baby the Adult, Versus Adults Whom are Babies

I had an interesting day today.  I encountered something normally reserved for silly commenters on websites and people who make ignorant Facebook posts.  While me, my wife and my son where with a group of people, someone was suggesting to us that we should donate our baby clothes that my son outgrew to get it out of the way.  I explained to her that we were holding on to his baby clothes in case we had a second child.

She got this confused look on her face, “but what if you had a girl?”

“Then she’s going to have a sweet Batman onesie,” is what I wish I would have thought to say.  But I did say mention that most of our son’s clothing is gender neutral.  Solid colors.  Nothing with words like “king”, “prince”, or any of those other weird ones.

But, they just raised their eyebrows.  Even later on when our kid was “in danger” of playing with a little girl’s princess doll.  They had this level of tension and this look where they were hoping we’d “save him”.

Let me explain something.  My son is amazing.  I know all parents say that, but it’s because they believe that.  And honestly, my son is super cool to hang out with.  Even for a six month baby.  When he sees something he’s interested in, that’s amazing.  You have this being that’s so fucking new to the world, seeing something and taking an interest in it, wanting to know more about it, why would I take that from him?  Why would I eliminate that sense of discovery?

I mean, why are artificial gender modifiers so important to people that it’s a cause of dread for them?  Liking certain things doesn’t change who you are.  They’re just parts of who you are.  I mean, take me for example.  I’ve seen every episode of My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic, I owned a Popple as a child and loved it, AND I spent a good amount of time playing Project Diva on my Playstation yesterday.  You know what?  I have sex with my wife, who is a lady.  That right there should be proof of something.

Anywho.  Going back to what I’m getting at.  Gender modifiers are artificial.  More often than not, they’re just designed by clothing manufacturers to tell people what to buy because an uncertain shopper is risky business.  But, you need to remember that about a hundred years ago, less than that even, little girls wore blue and little boys would not only rock pink, but little boys would also wear dresses.  It’s all artificial.

When your child sees something for the first time, or just takes an interest in something, that is who your child is.  That’s what they’ve decided to take an interest in, and from there, you have two options.  Let your child be who they want to be, or shame them for it.  Be above that.  Love your kid for who they are, not for what mold they’re trying to fit in.


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