A Welcome Departure (Part 2)

If you couldn’t tell, this is part two of a two part strange departure from my normal writing, meaning it’s fairly happy and I talk about happy things that happened over the course of two days.  Part one can be found here: (Part 2)


The day started off pretty well.  Having a good day, the day before (Part 1, true believers!) I slept like the proverbial rock.  Except alive, breathing, and capable of rem state.  Also, soft, and far from firm.  Also, I’m more buoyant.  Hmm.  Anyways.  Long story short, I got some sleep.  A rarity for anyone in this household but I fucking nailed it.

While me and the wife were starting our morning routine on a ship adrift at a sea where the waves and winds are completely controlled by one mighty deity who happens to also be our son, we discussed our event-less day and the fact that it was raining out and looking grosser by the minute.

Then, my wife, who is capable of birthing ideas as well as she births babies, said, “why not go to the Rainforest?”  Now, before you start to think that this is a harrowing tale involving rusty planes, vine swinging and swashbucklery, understand we’re right by the Cleveland Metropark Zoo and they have a secondary, very small indoor zoo called The Rainforest.  I apologize for the disappointment.

Anywho, we got the kid all dudded up and we made our way on out as the rain got worse.  Ironic considering the destination.  Anywho.  We got our tickets and headed inside.

Upon entrance, you’re greeted by a three story tall waterfall.  I’m not sure if you have both tinnitus AND access to a giant, indoor, artificial water fall, but you can easy replicate the experience by firing a gun by your ears…multiple times.  But I dealt, my son seems really interested in his new surroundings.

We made our way to the first several animals and got near some animals.  I held my son high, trying to get him to look at the animals and realized he was looking everywhere but.  That’s when my wife realized something.  He was born in October and we’ve had an incredibly long winter.  He hasn’t seen leaves!  So he was fascinated by the fake foliage in the Rainforest.

You really forget that everything is new and fascinating to a baby.  The two Francois Monkeys we say hugging each other adorably held his fascination just as much as mommy’s map of the zoo.  It’s a really hard thing to take into consideration but pretty amazing at the same time.

About half way through, oddly, at an exhibit where there’s fake lighting and thunder everywhere for no good goddamn reason.  You know, over by where there’s also giant 3D ant models on the wall.  He fell asleep so we made our way through the rest, taking in the exhibits for ourselves.  It felts like a date.  It was nice.  I miss dates and couldn’t think of a better later to take one with.

We made our way to the car and took off, my son, once again, sleeping in the back like some sort of weird sleeping champion.  We made our way home, relaxed with our rested and very playful son and closed out what was one of the best two days in a row I’ve had in a long while.


4 thoughts on “A Welcome Departure (Part 2)

    • It’s really nice. But it’s a bastard to people with tinnitus. Much like any other indoor facility filled with indie waterfalls and thunder. As well as that super depressing deforestation hologram that blasts construction noise.

      • I remember it being hot (duh) and being herded around like cattle the way it is on field trips. I remember being able to walk up into a tree and there being a butterfly garden….ok, I’m going to stop remembering a field trip from two decades ago now. But since you mentioned the place, I will probably take mis hijas this summer.

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