Eric and the Nutty Nightmare Nursery

So…I had this dream. It was me and my wife and my kid. And we were in the hospital.

Turned out that she was pregnant and about to have a girl. Because in dreams it cuts the nine month bullshit apparently and you just front poop a baby one day.

Anyways. we have a girl and, because this is a dream, the doctor hands me this girl who’s like a year old. Much like movies who don’t research the size of babies when they’re born.

Anyways, she’s cute, but quiet and stark black hair. They said they have to take her and put her in the nursery to which we allow for some reason.

But they said we can monitor her and they turn on the TV in the corner of the room. And, because this is a nightmare, it’s a camera from the upper corner of the room, aimed at the cradle the baby’s in and in low quality black and white.

Anywho. We’re looking at the monitor and we notice the girl’s twitching. Not like…normal twitching. Like, arms out for half a second, back down. Thrashing her head about.

Then the TV gets some static and it gets hard to see her.

So, like a dumb-dumb that’s never seen a horror movie I try to get closer to the screen to see better.

Suddenly, crystal clear, full color, this girl’s face fills the screen. Maybe 15-16. Eyes wide, huge smile and a bloody perfect circle carved in her face around the eye like Spot the dog from Little Rascals.

I jump back as it goes to full static. Then, the footage cuts back to the nursery. The baby is standing up right, looking up at the camera with no expression.

The screen quickly fills again with the crazy circle girl’s face again only this time she’s angry and letting out a loud ringing screaming. But only for a half second before cutting her off to go back to the nursery where the cradle is now completely empty.

Then I fucking wake up.

Needless to say, I spent about a half an hour with the lights on and walked about in my room a bit before attempting to go back to sleep. Something which my mind just would not let me do. Almost like it locked me out for the night and was like, “dude, you don’t want to go back into REM state, trust us.”

Gah. What in the hell was that?!


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