True Tales of Brotherhood

(NOTE: This is a bit of a departure from what I usually write. I had events happen and I need to talk about them.)

I was talking to family last night and I inquired about my brother. Apparently, everyone is able to get ahold of him with minimal effort while I have to call for days.

I finally found out why.

Turns out a friend of mine took a private Facebook status from December in which my brother upset me to a ridiculous degree and showed it to him.

What they were hoping to accomplish with this, I have no idea. It is said that there’s people who just want to watch the world burn. But there are also the lesser known people that make the world smell like shit as it does so. This is the move of one of those people.

First off, yes, I have siblings. My anger at this yesterday on my Facebook seems to surprise people. I have more than one. Shock. Gasp. I know. You’re think my parents would have stopped at me but, I guess you can’t win if you don’t play.

Anyways, there’s something about my brother that my so-called friend does not understand; he’s family. Of COURSE he pisses me off.

Every member of everyone’s family will piss you off sometimes. It’s what they do. You’re not born into a family of friends; you’re born into a family of strangers. They’re the people that, like it or not, you’re stuck with as your family for your entire life. They piss you off, you cool off, and you hang out again.

But when third parties get involve, it essentially ruins that. Now my brother has taken some crazy vow to never talk to me outside of family events because some idiot has nothing better to do with their life.

Let me explain my brother to you since you seem to have a wrong opinion of how I perceive him.

I’ll start at the beginning.

My little brother was born two years after I was so we’re pretty close in age. We got along really well. We played together. I read to him. I held him upright on the couch and, essentially, taught him how to sit up.

As we got older, he started to become drastically different from me. This started in elementary school. Some brother’s beat the living hell out of me. Later, my brother went on to befriend those kids.

I got into hip-hop. He got into rock.

I got heavier into things like comic books and computers. He would watch Sportscenter every morning.

I made friends with the people in stage crew and drama club. He made friends with the people that would make fun of them.

You see where I’m going. He was, literally, like looking into a mirror. I’d lift my right arm, he’d lift his left.

We would fight, hard. There were times, when I was little; we’d get into fights so hard that I had to mentally wrangle myself. He’s even the source of a lot of my self esteem issues, with the way he was constantly making fun of my weight gain and my abnormally giant noggin.

But I still love him. That’s the thing that whoever showed that status to my brother doesn’t seem to understand.

I used to go over to his house and have a game night with him, my dad.

We used to, occasionally, visit.

Hell, he was the best man at my wedding. You don’t just draw a name out of a hat for that.

Of course, now that he’s choosing not to talk to me, that relationship is going to be a bit different, thanks to whoever had such an empty life that they felt that they had to meddle in someone else’s.

Did he piss me off last December? Yes. Do I stand by what I called him? Yes. I won’t go into details but he basically said things to me that upset me so much that my dad and my wife had to calm me down in the other room.

But that’s what happens sometimes with family. Can you tell me that there is no one in your family that has ever pissed you off? Of course you can’t. That’s impossible. Unless you’re an emotionally dead person raised by emotionally dead parents, you can’t possibly tell me that.

That never meant that I didn’t want the kid in my life. But I guess whoever was dumb enough to think they had a good idea in showing my brother my venting was also dumb enough to not consider that or, you know, come to me first.

Either way, I want my opinions on my brother (who’s name I’m withholding for his sake) out there now. I try to keep my family stuff private, but as I seem to no longer have a choice in the matter, I’d rather the real story be up for the public than whatever fabricated nonsense my so-called friends are feeding them.


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