The Separation of Hobby Lobby and State

This coming Tuesday, March 25, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court is going to listen to an hour and a half of people showing up and stating that the religious rights of the business owner dictates the medical benefits of the employee.

The main topic at hand is that if you’re boss is super biblical like David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, you’d be able to deny things like birth control and the like.

Why? Because a character in his book doesn’t like it.

Now, understand that Hobby Lobby is not a church. It’s not a religious temple. It’s a hobby story that’s for profit. And if the Supreme Court decides to go nuts and actually vote in favor of these billionaires (because when does that happen, right?) than that’s a lot to worry about.

First off, we know how this works. We’re all adults. We know that in America they really aren’t talking about religious freedom, they’re talking about biblical rule.

I’ve listened to a lot of these talks, these trials, these attempts to sway law. You here God thrown around a lot, you see a lot of Bibles, but you don’t hear anything about Taoism, Buddhism, things of that course. It’s all about their god.

I’m not sure if religious schools have history classes, but I’m fairly certain that if they look into their history books, they’ll see government ran off of a single religion never goes well.

Now, I know people give me this a lot. “Eric, you’re just bashing this because you hate their religion.” Not true. I don’t hate Catholicism, I don’t hate Christianity. I don’t believe in them. But I don’t hate them. Heck, I even went to Bible school in my youth. I gave it a fair shot, just like I gave many other religions a fair shot before settling in on something that I felt, to me, felt right.

But notice how I didn’t say WHAT I feel into. You know why? Because it’s something that’s personal. What religion I believe in shouldn’t hold any sway in an argument or debate unless you’re strictly talking about religion.

I know a lot of Christians and even a few Catholics, and after weeding out a few that were constantly trying to convert me, I found that many of the ones I have left are pretty great people.

But there’s some that are constantly trying to “save” people. You know, “saving”, that thing where you try to get someone into your club because if you’re not in their club, they’re normally very forgiving God will turn you away and cast you into a lake of fire for eternity. That’s fun.

People need to understand that there is a remarkably thin line between “saving” and “oppression”. If you’re talking with a close friend, and you suggest maybe giving church a try and they say no, fine. You tried. That’s an attempt to “save”. But if you try to use political power and financial sway to get people to do the things that YOUR religion vaguely touches on? That’s oppression, plain and simple.

I don’t know what’s been going on in the last few years. Maybe they’re getting desperate as people are starting to gain equal rights and they’re terrified, but there has been this massive push from the bible thumpers that is just creepy.

This weird attempt to creep their way into our subconscious.

If you look at milk crates behind a store, especially here in Ohio, you won’t see “please don’t steal”, on a lot of them you’ll see, “thou shalt not steal” on them. I see what you did there.

Forever 21’s a good example too. In a plan of theirs that, almost literally, scrapes the bottom of the barrel, they’ve taken to printing bible verses on the bottom of their bag. I’m not kidding. Take a looksee next time someone you know gets something from them.

And we all know what happened with Chick-Fil-A. The company with stores closed on Sunday but minds closed all week.

Now, there are many companies that are fighting back and this makes me very happy. Oreo did the awesome pride ad that got people in a tizzy. And the thing that American Apparel did where they ran their “Legalize Gay” shirts in their store windows. When anti-LGBT people started breaking their windows in “protest”, American Apparel made their “Legalize Gay” shirts free to protest groups and actually started mailing them out to organizations that helped the cause. That’s awesome.

But it still makes me worried. Why is there still a religious war going on? And why aren’t we wise to what the main issue is here? This push isn’t for religious freedom. It’s for oppression. Plain and simple.

If the Supreme Court decides to rule in favor of Hobby Lobby and the like, it’ll be another step to full on bible rule in this country. A step towards people’s lives being completely controlled by the personal beliefs of some billionaire you’ll probably never personally meet.

In closing, listen. We don’t know what happens when we die. We don’t. We literally do not. That’s why we HAVE multiple religions, multiple beliefs. If there was proof of one, everyone would convert tomorrow. But we don’t know. We could die and go to heaven/hell, we could reawaken in another life, we could go to the Farplane, we don’t know. But the only thing we do know is that we’ll find out on our own one day and when that happens, wouldn’t it be better knowing that you’re leaving the world that you made peace with?


2 thoughts on “The Separation of Hobby Lobby and State

  1. I was educated in religious schools and the only thing more awful than the history they taught was the sad excuse for science that they taught, as you can only imagine. I avoid patronizing the two businesses you mentioned because of the way they choose to conduct business. Enjoyed your post.

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