Ironically, I Remember Last Night’s Dream

Had this dream last night which I’m fairly certain is the end result of the anxiety of losing my memory mixed with the events in which I was recently involved in.  I won’t go into too many details, but you can figure out the basics if you have a brain and understand context clues.

So, in this dream, I was called into the Cleveland Justice Center because I was to serve as a witness in a case.  But, the problem was, the crime had taken place a month prior and I was having an incredibly hard time remembering details.

Luckily, this was a dream world with future tech so they took me to this machine.  Now, what the machine was, was sort of like the thing from Psychonauts which allowed you to hop into someone’s brain and extract data and memories.  I was going to have to go into my own head and locate the spare memory.

Instead of a massive world based off the person’s psyche, I was thrown directly into their memory which was usually a room of some sort filled with whatever their brain put together for holding memories.

They had me try it on the police captain.


When I entered his memory, I found myself at a desk on the beach.  The waves crashing in, Moonlight Sonata playing softly all around me.  And the desk had a Star Trek like interface.  I was told not to access his memories, just enter the room.  So I did and then left.  But it was very pretty.

It was now my turn to enter my own memories.  So they sent me in.

Now, for the next part, if you’d like to really experience this to it’s fullest I suggest you open the link below and play the song and continue reading.

I entered my memory.  It was a weird office warehouse looking room.  Ladytron’s Ninety Degrees was blasting so loudly and fuzzy I could barely make out the words.  It almost sounded like music does when you get too much laughing gas from the dentist.  No desk, fake wood paneled walls, linoleum tiles forming a black and white checker pattern across the floor and orange filing cabinets.  It was like something out of the late 70’s, early 80’s.


There were also holes in…I guess reality.  Pieces of the walls and ceiling were just gone and outside was space.  Wind was blowing in harshly through these holes.  Many of the filing cabinets have been knocked over or slid by these winds and papers were spilled and blowing around the office.  Looking out the holes, I could see papers far off just frozen in space, it’s contents lost to me.

A harsh wind blew, catching me dead center as I was looking through a drawer and knocked me back.  I was falling through one of the holes.  Holding on for dear life, just clinging with this weird office in front of me and all of space behind me.

They sent in another office, into my memory, to pull me back in.  Which he did before slipping and falling through.  I started freaking out until I suddenly forgot who the guy was or even why I was bothered.  He was becoming forgotten to me.

I found the correct memory and said the command to leave.  Nothing.  I was stuck there.  I paced the room for a while, sat down on a fallen filing cabinet till my butt hurt.  And, at some point, I woke up.

That’s a new one.


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