Thought on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

So, I’m going to fangirl a little bit here.

I just watched the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy that aired on the Kimmel show last night.

If I had to base my opinion of the film off the trailer alone, I’d say the film was perfect.

It seems to be completely self aware of how insane it is. Chris Pratt is a perfect Star-Lord. All the CG heavy characters like Drax, Rocket and Groot look perfect. And I couldn’t ask for a better Gamora.

Plus, when your trailer already shows off the fact that the Nova Corps are going to be in it, and…the fact alone that John C. Reilly is a member of those corps is a welcome moment of weirdness I could have never known I wanted all my life.

The sense of humor, if they can keep it through the whole film like they can in the trailer, will make the film worth it alone as, admittedly, I have a few chuckles at work while watching the trailer.

As much as I hate to admit it, the middle finger gag got me too. The joke is old and stale, but Chris Pratt has made a career out of taking those sorts of things and adding charm to silly things like that.

No, I know a lot of diehard Guardians of the Galaxy fans, who’ve been reading them since the 70’s are a little upset about the roster. I know, I know both of them. But hear me out.

I think the roster is perfect. First off, you have four characters that are guaranteed to look odd next to the lead. That’s already perfect as he couldn’t possibly have a normal conversation with any of them. That’s got to be a treat for the writers.

You’ve got the immediate comedic effect of Rocket Raccoon, because, let’s face it, as much as you hate to admit it, you can’t not love him.

Drax and Gamora are big enough badasses to completely make people forget about Hulk and Black Widow.

And speaking of Gamora, a badass female character trained by Thanos (who we already know is going to be in the Avengers films) and earned the title “deadliest woman in the universe”. Take that Black Widow. And hell, if they decide to go the extra step and show the fact that she has the ability to control time (which she hates using) all the cooler.

Though, I am confused about Zoe Saldana playing her. Her roles have never really struck me as tough so, while she looks badass in the trailer (have I said badass enough in this blog? Sorry, I’m writing one paragraph at a time at work on little breaks so…I forget) so I’ll give her a chance.

Also, as a Doctor Who fan, I was very pleased to see Karen Gillan’s Nebula. I was never a fan of the character’s original look so, it was an added bonus to see this character look interesting.

All in all, I’m super pumped for it and really hope this blog doesn’t have me eating crow when it comes out and sucks. If it sucks. I REALLY want to hope it’s good.

If it IS as great as I think it’s going to be, it’s going to change so much for comic book movies. It’ll prove that you don’t need to stick with the A-list super heroes. The cooler characters can get their time in the light.

Imagine, a movie based off X-Force from the time when Jamie Madrox was leading as them as something like a detective team.

Cloak and Dagger would make an amazing teen drama/action film.

Power Pack would be an amazing CG kids film.

Hell, if Guardians does well, I could EASILY write an interesting movie script with Rocket Raccoon and Howard the Duck. That’s right Hollywood, I said it.

It would send the same signal to DC. I’d be first in line for a Booster Gold movie. Hell, do a movie about Flash’s rogues. Think Reservoir Dogs but with super powers. That’s NEVER been done before.

Shit…maybe I should have kept that one. That’s fucking brilliant.

But still, this could change everything and I’m really excited to see what happens.

(NOTE: As I’m doing this from work and a phone I don’t have the ability to add pictures. I’ll get to that later when I clean it up from home.)


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