Dr. Rambles (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fly My Nerd Flag)

Yesterday, whilst blogging, I had made a request for suggestions. I asked for ideas and the like and figured today I’d get up and sort through them, picking what to write about today.

“Luckily” only one person did that. Haha. But my good friend CJ gave me some choices. He asked for either Doctor Who fanfiction or a survival guide of some sort.

Now, fanfiction is something I’ve NEVER been good at. I can come up with theories for shows and things like that, but I can’t write other people’s characters for the life of me. I’m like a bad babysitter, I’ll read the rules for the character and then just decided I like my way better. It’s always ugly.

Though, I did have a sweet theory for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, upon finding Billie Piper was going to be in it, that since Clara had stretched herself through out time and space, and Rose had once absorbed the heart of the TARDIS that, essentially, they were two halves to a human TARDIS.

Not to step on Neil Gaiman's toes, however.

Not to step on Neil Gaiman’s toes, however.

Anyways. I decided to pick the survival topic. Hey gave me a couple topics to think of so I figured I’d cover multiple realms of survival. Luckily he did not do zombie survival because, one, good lord is that topic played out at this point, and two, my plan is so good it’s boring.

End of the world problem, solved.

End of the world problem, solved.

Seriously. There’s a school in California where they teach people how to install green energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. So…the facility is completely off the grid and generates more than enough power for itself AND contains all the needed text to learn how to maintain it. Not only that, but it’s near a river AND has a plot of land big enough to farm on with the right amount of work. Also, with the energy it’s running, I could stock up with food from near by stores before it goes bad to give me a good head start. So…yep.

A delicious alternative to baby

A delicious alternative to baby

One of the realms of survival CJ felt I should cover was new dad. Honestly, I’m still learning. If I survive, I’ll definately cover that. Oh, but, if you’re about to be a new dad, and you don’t work out a lot (ever) like me, get some free weights. Seriously. Holy hell are my arms and shoulders killing me. I know you probably think a baby is light, but get yourself a bag of potatoes and just hold it in one position for an hour or two every day, tell me how your arms feel. Especially when you have to keep one half elevated and can’t make quick movements.

The other topic was “public nerding and the social view of it”. I’m guessing he means waving your nerd flag. Not being afraid to express yourself when it comes to the things you love.

Seriously.  Why transform into fun vehicles and animals?  Right?  Where's everyone going?

Seriously. Why transform into fun vehicles and animals? Right? Where’s everyone going?

Personally? I’m all for it. And this is the time to do it. When I was a little g, all it took for you to get your ass passionately whooped by a gang of children your age was to have one comic book slide out of your backpack. For me, it was the first time I brought a Rock Lord to school. It was in the first grade, I thought it was be fun to play with at recess. Instead one kid sat on my arms and chest while another one kicked me in the head for a while, much to the delight of the woman that was supposed to be monitoring the playground (did I ever mention I went to the school equivalent of Annie’s orphanage?).

But now I’m a big G, (dolla dolla bills ya’ll) it’s so damned easy to wave your nerd flag high. I mean, my cubicle at work is a testiment for that. I’m a 33-year-old man (at the time of writing this) and I have everything from Lantern Corp stuff, to Mario stuff to a Professor Layton figure to…well…look at the pic.

Can't show TOO much though or I might get in trouble.  *shrugs*

Can’t show TOO much though or I might get in trouble. *shrugs*

It’s insane. And yeah, occasionally I’ll get a comment from some of the older people asking me why my cubicle looks like this and I’ll just tell them that it makes work better when you’re surrounded by things you actually want to be around. Then they’ll walk away shrugging, possibly never getting the dig.

I mean, there’s some of it that I absolutely can’t get behind though just because it’s frustrating. Like, there’s a lot of pseudo-nerds out there. And don’t start, I know, it’s not a contest, it’s not what I mean. SHUT UP MOTHER. What I mean is that, for example, you’ll meet some girl online and she’ll be all, “OMG I LUV DR WHO” and I’ll get all excited. So I’ll talk to her and say something like “is it me, or does it seem like no one in real life seemed to notice the bees were disappearing around the Earth until Donna noticed it on the show?” And then she’ll just raise and eyebrow and break of conversation, usually with that “lol” that says, “I disregarded your statement, enjoy my platitude. You’re welcome.”

There’s a lot of people out there that are just wearing stuff because they know it’s an icon to something and they want to be involved without any of the work it takes. I mean, by “work” I usually just mean watching TV or reading books. But still. To me, growing up at a time when you would get your ass beat constantly for your loves, it feels like I do actually work towards it.

I remember, for example, I saw a girl with a shirt that said, “The angels have the phone box” and there was a stencil of the TARDIS with wings on it. I told her I thought her shirt was cool and then asked if David Tennant was her favorite Doctor. She didn’t know who David Tennant was.

Do you feel that? That’s your soul breaking. That was real.



And before you say that people should enjoy things to the level they see fit, understand that later on I found out she hasn’t seen it and later revealed to me that she’s seen pictures of the TARDIS and just assumed it was a company logo that was popular.

Felt a sting in the ass just now, didn’t you?

So, I guess, long story short, I’m torn on that, you know? Like, there really isn’t much of a “survival” guide anymore. We’ve fully embrassed nerd culture. I mean, the Nerdist is a multimillion dollar enterprise that has spawned several shows, a boat load of careers and a gigantic army of podcasts. People talk about Game of Thrones (which is basically your traditional sword and sorcery trope) with no cause to pause. And hell, my wedding invitation featured a comic style drawing of me and my wife fighting a wave of robots in our weeding clothes and no one so much as batted an eye. So I don’t really know where the survival is there.

Thanks Tika.  ;)

Thanks Tika. 😉

I think asking someone how to survive as a nerd in today’s environment is like asking someone how to not starve to death at the Golden Corral.

I will say this though, don’t fake the funk. There’s a lot of people out there trying to get in on the trend and you don’t really understand it. It’s not just wearing something you think is nerdy. Being a nerd isn’t liking Doctor Who, or Firefly or Buffy, or things like that. It’s liking it and being super excited to talk about it. To find people who share your interest and suddenly revert to a childlike mind frame where you talk about silly things like “what if the Silence met the Weeping Angels” or “what part do you think Neil Patrick Harris was supposed to play in season 2 of Firefly?” Things like that. Hell, even people who are super into sports are nerds.

I mean, you tell me the difference between fantasy football and D&D. In fact, I’m going to go on record right now and say fantasy football is WAY nerdier than D&D. You not only have your characters and their stats, but you have armies of “gladitors” dueling for your amusements on the fields that alter how your game is played and either buff or debuff your characters. It’s insane.

By, this topic got long winded, didn’t it? But yeah, the most important thing is just being yourself, don’t change who you are for anyone. Sure you’ll probably scare a few people off, but in their place you’ll find people that actually want to be around you because you have similar interests, similar senses of humour and are just fun to be around. Why work so hard to fake who you are, when some of the best joy comes from the simplest path.

Guess that’s it for this one, I know I got a little rambly here so if you read it, kudos to you. As always, throw some suggestions my way and let me know what I should write about next. Back to work I go, allons-y!


2 thoughts on “Dr. Rambles (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fly My Nerd Flag)

  1. not only excited about it, but pretends to live in that world on occasion (by occasion I mean a lot!). I don’t get the pseudo nerd thing. do you ppl REALLY want to be this? fish stockings, skipping just cause you can, squealing just at the sight of Capaldi’s eyes (that was my daughter btw), throwing care to the wind and enjoying your life cause you don’t give a fuck what others are thinking about you so you’re free to be yourself?? it’s beyond t-shirts and Matt Smith’s hair. it’s a lifestyle. actually an alternative lifestyle, really, because it’s not the fucking norm. there is no standard. if there was a standard then the whole judging thing comes back into play. be yourself is the biggest thing! cheers, Eric!!!

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