Short Post (I’m still here)

Hey cats and kittens, I had a message from someone asking me if I gave up on this site already.

First off, no. It at least takes me more than a month to lose interest in something. šŸ™‚

Secondly, I got sick. Seriously. I was out. I was reduced to a sniffling 12-year-old for about a week or so and had absolutely no capacity to write anything coherent.

So, yes Virginia, there will be more plugs.


1) A friend of mine is moving. Bit of a bummer but I’m never going to stop someone from moving. Especially with that being one of the biggest goals I have. So that threw me off a little bit, because I take to changes in my life as well as the Amish.

2) I’m working on a project. Me and my friend Bianca are knocking the shit out of a new site, project, thing. Stay tuned for that. It’s going to be pretty rad once we get it going.

3) I felt I was smothering you, internet. I’m sorry baby. You know I loves you.

Realizes when he starts to ramble,


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