The House Doesn’t Always Win

I had an incredibly stressful day at work today. In the two years I’ve worked where I worked, this was probably on par with, maybe, my first week all at once. It was rough. And, to make matters worse, it was my first day on day shift and it was a ten hour day. So, life had a good hand on this round. And it looked like I had a pair of twos.

Seriously.  Could see be more adorable?

Seriously. Could she be more adorable?

But, the dealer decided to sneak me an ace because after work, I went to a Gamestop where a friend of mine works to utilize the recent Pokemon event to download the Meloetta I’ve been wanting for months be an adult. (No, seriously, I’m super excited for the Meloetta)

She came to me and asked me a question that blew my mind.

She asked me if I wanted to do a show. A very fun sounding show. Something like a podcast but not quite. And while a podcast is my ultimate goal, this is pretty fucking sweet (no specifics yet, greedy). But I was blown away more than she’ll realize. I’m always trying to get people to do a show with me and, after all this trying, someone came to me.

Fucking stunned. But this knocked away all the bullshit of the day. I’m so giddy I barely remember any of the bullshit that went down at work. You could be so lucky to have friends as awesome as mine.

Seeing life and raising it,


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