Unknown Man has Script #9,249,358,201

A few weeks ago I dreamt a movie.  I know that sounds weird, but I literally dreamt a movie.  Had an intro, a plot, an ending and assorted montages.  Obviously it was not polished and it had the insanity moments of a dream like bad flash animation.  Like maybe someone would just float off for no reason just because it was a stray thought that floated through my mind.  But, needless to say, the main jist of this thing stuck with me.

Over the last few weeks I’ve written it down.  Picked at it.  Modified it and have almost completely perfected it.  Now, I honestly want this script looked at because I think it could be huge.  I know!  I sound like everyone that’s ever had a script.  But damn it all, this not only has a great plot, great morals but it would also be a great Pixar film and a marketing goldmine.

Yeah, I know marketing is something that I normally butt heads with, but I’ll be honest, this has very relatable characters, a character that is begging to be a toy and several moments that could be great montage points to throw in whatever pop song you feel fits.

Problem is, I desperately want to see this thing happen and have no idea who to talk too.  This is another reason I need to strengthen my network because I know that California has a massive cloud overhead and it’s always raining scripts.  So…who’s got people in their network I could borrow?

I wonder if Thomas Lennon is bored and needs something to read…

Not bad, just scripted that way,


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