Well. That’s Me Buggered

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, there are certain jobs I want. One of them was to get into video games. I’ve got spiral upon spiral of notes for ideas. I’m looking into taking a Full Sail course in game design. All this stuff. And yet, now? I don’t know.

Last night, someone who’s actually in the industry told me that I’d be a terrible tester. The tester position, of course, is basically the bottom rung, starting position that a lot of people in the industry use to plant their feet. More than likely it would be the one that I’d have to utilize.

I thought I’d be able to do it. I read everything that a tester has to do. I looked up all the various scenarios that people online have posted they’ve done. They all seemed like cake compared to the monotony of my current job.

But…just like that. With a simple comment, my will to get into the industry has pretty much died. Maybe it’s a passing thing. Like an infection more than a death. But, it really seems like each time I get close to this, something discourages me and, honestly, I don’t have enough faith in myself to deal with it anymore.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m screwed. I mean, when the people I care about don’t have faith in me, what’s going to happen when I have to interview with someone who doesn’t even know me?


Reporting live from the center of self doubt,


2 thoughts on “Well. That’s Me Buggered

  1. Fuck this.

    I’m technical, you got ideas. Let’s do this. Are you technical too? Who cares, anyone can code. Can you do art or know someone that can? Or fuck that, stick figures because shut up.

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