Star Striking

I’m frustrated.

At some point in the near future, me and my lovely wife are planning on escaping the toxic crater that is Ohio and heading to California (preferably the San Diego area).  That being said, I’ll have to find work.  Here’s the thing, I can get work.  I know I can.  But I want the work I want and this is the rough part.

I need to learn how to properly network.  I’ve met so many people in so many awesome fields and I never properly utilize those opportunities.  Me and Edger Winter once through nachos at Michael Stanley.  I’ve apologized for Slash for thinking he was my uncle’s roadie.  Me and Ken Kennedy once yelled his intro in the middle of a book store.

I’ve had hundreds of great opportunities to get some sort of clout and I never use it.  I want to BE someone.  I want to get into podcasting, I want to run a successful cyber cafe, I want all this stuff but I never get to the important networking part because I feel guilty.

I have friends now that work in the game industry.  That work in the comic industry.  That work in all sorts of awesome areas and I feel like a complete arse if I so much as mention it too them.  I so desperately want to just snag them by the shoulders, shake them and just cry, “saaaaave meeeee”.  I can’t for fear of losing friends, but damn do I want too.

Hopefully when I get there I’ll be able to network more.  I’ve told myself that I’m going to turn over a new leaf where I get there.  I want to start doing open mic nights at places like Meltdown Comics.  I want to put a thing up and get someone out there doing a podcast with me so I can, at least, have a portfolio of a show that didn’t last more than two episodes.  I want to actually get my name out there.

I don’t know.  Any suggestions or ideas?

Buried in premises,


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