I Dream in Metaphors

After a weird roller coaster of a night, I went to bed violently depressed. Something I should probably learn not to do at this point, but I strapped in and went to bed. My dog, Kai, was nice enough to take the other half of the bed while my wife was at work.

Kai in Chair

So, I drifted off to sleep, bummed and with Kai snoring to my right.  Once I was asleep I found myself walking him.  It was my neighborhood, it was snowing.  Nothing seemed too extraordinary until people started showing up.  With the exception of me, people were somewhere around fifteen feet tall.  Large, lumbering people that, beyond their height seemed completely normal.

The problem arose when they saw me.  For some reason every person did not seem to want me to exist.  They were just angry at the very idea of me and they would come up to me and, not saying a word, kick me or shove me about.  I didn’t really stand a chance.

Luckily, Kai was there.  I don’t know if his appearing in my dream was only because he currently happened to be in bed with me, or if my mind would have cast him regardless but Kai was there and had my back.


He got angry and while growling, grew to enormous proportions, looking a lot like Moro No Kimi from Princess Mononoke , he’d snarl and snip and chase everyone else off.  And, as gratifying as it is to see a giant dog come to my aid, all I could really do was stand back and watch my dog fend off a world of people I didn’t really belong in.  A world of people that, honestly, felt like they had no use for me.

Sort of a weird conflicting feeling when your dream has an awesome visual effect, and yet still you wake up bummed.  Like my mind used a lot of mental resources for nothing.

But, on a cool note, since I woke up, Kai is been super awesome.  Following me around, nudging my hand and my side a lot.  And just sticking by me.  Haha, hopefully this doesn’t mean I’m about to be bullied by giants.  I’ll keep you posted if there’s a giant attack.

On behalf of my dog,


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