Pandering to the Crowds

This is going to be an incredibly short post and, honestly, I am already aware it’s a faus pas but I wanted to post this.

I have a child, I have a job, I have school. My mind is everywhere and, honestly, I’m having the hardest time thinking of blog things to write about.

What do you, the reader, want me to write about? Throw things at me. Current topics, silly things, dumb questions. I don’t care. Throw them at me. Go.

What’s He Really REALLY Thinking?

My wife was recently at the doctor’s and, as always, they give out magazines en masse. Most of the time these are the kind of thing that we feed directly to our trash can overlord but, for some reason, my wife cracked open one of them and found an “article” she wanted to show me. The magazine is called Countdown and it contained an article called The Last Word: What’s He Really Thinking? written by an unnamed author (possibly to save her the embarrassment of having this snapped to her name. Continue reading

My Two Cents on the Celebrity Photo Hack Scandal

So, as most of the internet is aware, recently someone hacked things like iCloud and managed to steal the nude photos of several celebrities, throwing them around on the internet like so much damaging confetti.

And because of the magnitude of how many photos of so many people were released, the internet has gone absolutely insane about this. Continue reading

Robin Williams and The State of The World


A few days ago, we lost one of the greatest minds of our time. Robin Williams. And without going into the tragic events in detail as the media seems to be doing ad nauseum I will say he fell victim to depression because that is the only detail we need to concern ourselves with as the rest is, frankly, morbid curiosity we have no right to pry into. Seeing how he did it does not tell us anything we need to know and only creates an image he couldn’t possibly want to be remembered by or associated with. One will always remember that Elvis has left the building, but rarely remember which building that was. Continue reading

Hook, Line, and Sinker

(Note: This is a massive departure from my normal writing, in a big way, but I wanted to write a short story inspired by events that occurred last night.)

My coffee grows cold. I’ve been sitting here for hours, trying to get the rest of this writing done but I can’t wake my brain up anymore. It’s almost three in the morning, I’m exhausted and my motivation is fleeting as my lizard brain takes the helm, begging for sleep.

Then they walk in. Continue reading

The Destiny Beta is a Vapid First Date

A little ways back I wrote about my dislike of the Destiny Alpha. Recently I was given a Beta code. I thought it was an odd thing to get, but as a friend of mine over at Bungie was disappointed in my alpha review, he convinced me that the beta fixed a slew of the issues I disliked.

So, I put in the code and downloaded the much larger game and started it up. Continue reading