Next Comes the Bullying

Not long ago, and I mean maybe an hour ago, I posted a blog in which a young kid posted a tweet encouraging Sarah Silverman to kill herself. I wrote it as it angered me to see people were still doing that.

I wrote it, sent it, and then did what I’ve been trying to do when the internet bothers me; I went for a walk. Honestly, it was nice. There were some cranes out and I’m fairly certain I saw a fox, but that’s not what you came here for.

Then, I came home and decided to get back online for a moment. In the words of Mike Birbiglia, “I know, I’m in the future also.” Continue reading

Apparently We’re Still Casually Telling Strangers To Kill Themselves in 2015.

Recently noticed a tweet by Sarah Silverman, in which she was replying to someone who told her to kill herself. Honestly, in this day and age, telling people to off themselves should be something we’ve already moved past as a society like colored water fountains and women not being able to vote, but this girl is apparently choosing to “bring it back”. Continue reading

Doctor Who Needs to Step Up It’s Game

So, the new trailer for the new season of Doctor Who has aired. And with the new trailer lies something that has become a problem for me with this series.

First off, I’ll throw this disclaimer out there that I absolutely love Doctor Who. As an aspiring screen writer Doctor Who allows you to write in any point in time and space and be as funny, dramatic, and/or action packed as you please and you can get away with damn near anything.

The problem is that while that should apply to the writing, it should not apply to the special effects. The writing on the show, for better or for worse, has evolved since it’s confused start in 2005 when they didn’t know what audience they were making the show for. But the special effects have not. Continue reading

The Last of the Old Guard

I was taking a nap today with my son. Was nice, a little long but we were both warn out and we both tend to take pretty strong naps when we lay next to each other. When I woke up I just felt really odd. Rested but odd. My brain had been stretched pretty damn thin lately and if felt like something else was just resting on that frayed cable that was once my sanity. As I often do when I just get up, I checked my laptop and saw I had a message from my mom.

I know, I’m in the future also. Continue reading

50 Shades of Spider-Man


Recently, there has been a ton of talk about Spider-Man being portrayed by a white actor in the new Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War” and I wanted to weigh in on it. Especially after WIRED decided to go after Marvel on their choice. I’m assuming the internet is short on opinions so I wanted to throw mine into the pile. Continue reading

Parma Heights being Parma Heights

This is one of those many times when I’m blogging about something that bother’s me and I think “well what was I expecting?” I’ll get to that part later, trust me. But I know. I’m in the future also.

Me, the wife, and my son went to the Parma Heights public pool on opening weekend the other week. It had just reopened and we were excited to hit that place up and get our little guy swimming. Then, we got there. Continue reading