Reader Request: Favorite Character Explaination

So, a long ways ago I was trying to push people on my Facebook to ask my questions I could write about. Basically looking for talking points and things to write about. Today I was talking to an old friend who asked me why I don’t use an old email account anymore and, during that conversation, I was inspired to check it. Lo and behold I actually had an old topic request from forever ago sitting in there and covered in dust.

So, I guess I’m going to dust off my WordPress account and answer this. First off, sorry WordPress account, school/life has been maddening lately.

Anywho. So this question is about an old status of mine where I listed a bunch of comic book trivia and the like and I had to list my top three favorite comic book characters. This was back when I used to actually love taking those weird questionaires that were flying around the interwebs.

She asked, “why did you pick the characters you did? That’s sort of an odd choice.” My choices were: Lex Luthor, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

Let’s elaborate because why not. I need to clear my head and write.

Lex Luthor:

Lex Luthor has always been one of my favorite characters. Hands down. He’s the only reason I enjoyed the Superman books on the rare occasion I’ve enjoyed the Superman comics.

Luthor is such an interesting character because he’s not a villain in a traditional sense. In fact, in his head, he’s not a villain at all. Luthor’s main thing is that he’s trying to do good. He’s thought, he’s planned, and he has ideas that will make things better for everyone. The only problem is that, normally, not everyone is on board with the ideas so he sort of comes off like an asshole.

Admittedly, he can definitely be an asshole. But the thing about it is that deep down he wants to help people. He wants to make the world a better place. And in the process he’s going to ruin every relationship whether friend, family or other wise to do this.

Blue Beetle:

When I said Blue Beetle, I’m talking Ted Kord. The second Blue Beetle. I adore this character. Ted is one of DC’s many non-powered characters. He’s a genius inventor, he’s an amazing detective, he’s a great fighter, but he’s definitely not the best at any of these. He could be taken down by Batman in seconds. But the kick in the ass is that he has a magical scarab at home that could allow him to be incredibly powerful.

He doesn’t though.

He avoids using it because if we wants people to respect him, it’s going to be for himself and not because he took advantage of something that would easily allow him to overpower people or bend to his will. He wants to prove himself as a human before anything else.

The problem is that because of the way he acts, it’s often hard for people to take him serious, which was so jarring when his actions eventually lead to him getting his head blown off. So few people took him serious that when he found a major threat, no one came to his aid leading to him attempting to tackle a major threat head on. A threat that eventually put a bullet through his head.

Booster Gold:

Booster Gold, Michael Jon Carter, was a football player. That right there would not normally be how I described anyone I was a fan of. He was pretty good to, so good that he realized that if he bet on his team and then threw a game he could make a ton of money. And he did just that, till he got caught.

Disgraced and a failure, Michael ended up working at a museum. He’s the catch, Michael’s story takes place in the far future and this museum was for superheroes of the past.

Stealing several “artifacts” from several super hero displays, Michael put together a costume that gave him a force field, flight, and the ability to shoot rays from his fists. Then he traveled back to our era to be a hero for fun and profit.

Eventually this didn’t work out and Booster Gold was a joke for a long time. But then, he stumbled on the fact that there was a massive multiverse out there. And, via a series of events, Booster became the sole protector of this multiverse as no one else was supposed to know about as the more people that traveled from one universe to another, the more the fabric of space and time was damaged.

So, despite the fact that Booster Gold was suddenly protecting 52 entire realities at once, and being stretched thin, he had to keep people from paying attention to him. How does he go about it? How goes about it by making people think he’s still an asshole. He plays the clown, he feigns ignorance, he hawks products, and he makes people genuinely not like him. All for our safety.

So yeah, not that she reads this blog anymore, but that’s the answer.

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